Lough Mask

Lough Mask - Co. Mayo
Lough Mask is a large limestone lough of twenty-two thousand acres in the west of Ireland. It has an excellent stock of wild brown trout averaging over 1lb. Mask in comparison to its neighbour Corrib, hasn’t as many islands, is not as shallow, and therefore the fly hatches are later to start. Don’t let this deter you from visiting Mask, because when those buzzer and olives start the fishing can be frenetic.


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Some people consider Mask Ireland’s best wet-fly lough, and while many consider this to be true, to me it is one of the premier dry fly Loughs around. It has a much greater hatch of caddis (sedge) fly throughout the summer months which can have an angler confused as to which trout to cover first. Mask is often referred to as the dangerous lough because of it’s hazardous shoreline and deep waters, but in reality it is just as safe as it’s neighbour Corrib, when using the services of a local guide or boatman.

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