An Amazing May

By corrib, Saturday, 18th July 2015 | 0 comments

May produced some amazing fishing right throughout the month.The May fly was one of the best seasons we have experienced on Corrib for many years. The lodge was buzzing from the first to the last week of the season with huge catches reported most days. The weather was anything but nice with west wind howling most days but still the fly poured off and the fish fed. The Kilbeg area of the Lake produced some great fish many over 4lb and 5lb weight mark .The best of the hatch started in this area about the 10th of the month, Greenfields started a little earlier about the first week in May.The other hatch that was consistent wheresoever or when ever we could get shelter was the deep buzzer fishing.Many rods reported 10 or more good fish on a day with many in the 3lb plus bracket.Some notable catches in May were.

Jeremy O Brien and Nigel Gibbons caught 20 good trout including one over 5lb on May fly and buzzer.

Tim Rowley and Terry Lusby from Cumbria had 49 trout to 4.5lb for 5 days while boated by myself during the third week of May.

Gareth Jones had 27 trout for 3 days the 7th 8th and 9th of May on light buzzer nymphs and on one of those days the 9th caught an amazing bag of 7 trout for 27lb in weight all released.

Malcom Patrick visiting from the UK fishing with Larry had 20 trout for 3 days May fly fishing 4 of which weighed over 4lb one trout which tipped the scales at 5lb 4oz

Thankfully May was one of the best we have seen on Corrib for a long time and re confirms that we have one of the best wild trout fisheries in the world.







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